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R.I.P. is the tale of a young man returning to his home in the city of Adon, where the dead walk the night and the citizens live in constant fear. In order to unravel the secrets of the Necropolis, he'll have to contend with his demented brothers, an overly enthusiastic girl scout, and zombie rats, not to mention his own family's mysterious past.

This comic is entirely written, drawn, and painted by Erin Stilwell, a scruffy artist creature that lives in the wild lands of southern Indiana. It's entirely a labor of love done in her spare time and as such it will be updated as soon as she finishes each page, which can take anywhere from one to two weeks. She would love to update it more frequently, but she has a job and some fleeting semblance of a life and can't stand to stare at the computer screen any more than she already does.

Special thanks to the ever-helpful Joseph Davies for doing all the fiddly codebits that make the site beautiful.